Install MetaMask & Link Wallet

To make the creation of tokens simple and easy, we utilize MetaMask.This is safe and secure and you are always in control of your cryptocurrency. Once MetaMask is installed, a popup will appear request you to link the wallet to our website. Please accept and continue to step 2 to begin creating your token.

Never used Metamask? Follow this Guide <- 4 min video.


Buy BNB & Send To MetaMask

To create a BEP 20 token that runs on the BNB blockchain, we must purchase or own BNB currency. It must be located inside your MetaMask wallet. This currency is required to talk with the BNB Blockchain and create your own token.

The best place to buy BNB is: Binance <- Register & Purchase.


Create Your Own BEP20 Token

We have MetaMask installed and BNB funds in the wallet! Perfect!Lets begin the BEP 20 token making process.Please read each description we have provided for each option. Once a token is created you cannot change it.

* GAS fee will be added to final amount

The Token Creator

Be Unique. Be Different. Build A New Token & Reach For The Moon & Stars.

  • Market Growth
  • Token Upgrade
  • The Right Choice

The cryptocurrency and token space is booming, with thousands of tokens being created daily. The market cap for investment is continually hitting new all time highs. Create a token and join the cryptocurrency revolution.

  • Meme Investment Opportunities (DOGE)
  • Joke Investment Opportunities
  • Image Investment Opportunities (NFT)
  • Driven By Influencers Elon

As we have all seen with DOGE and Shibu, you may create a token as a meme or even a joke initially, but it can have a life changing effect and may transition into a global corporation. Once your token receives publicity and substantial investment you can develop it further with smart contracts.

  • Token Upgrades & Improvement
  • Token Smart Contracts & Logic
  • Token Influences & Celebrities
  • Token Business Growth

Will your token investors read whats been imprinted on the token if you have selected the free token? Will investors know how much a token cost to create? Yes this is likely.

  • Expensive Token vs Cheap Token
  • Chances Of Success
  • Smart Investors
  • Token Fundamental Usage

Tokemaker was created to help everyone make & launch their own BEP-20 token.


The safety of your token creation is critical to everyone at Tokemaker, therefore your token will be built with Smart Contracts using Blockchain Technology. This is robust and 100% secure.


Tokemaker was designed for the simple & easy creation of BEP-20 tokens. You set your require options, including name and symbol to type and supply quantity, and we deploy your token immediately.


The process of token generation is highly secure as its completed by the Binance-based Smart Contract system. This system helps to stop man-in-the middle attacks and prevents fraud losses.


The use of MetaMask is mandatory to Tokemaker as it can interact with the Binance-Blockchain. MetaMask gives every user a key vault, secure login, and token wallet, ensuring the owners token is safe.